Council at Linden Heights

General Cornwallis received intelligence from his agents that  a council of revolutionary legislators and rebel leaders were meeting at Linden Heights to plot and coordinate further action against the Crown!


The British vanguard advances against the American militia covering the road behind a screen of Hessian Jagers.



The British van breaks the militia and the American right collapses.   The main force of the British advance, but not before New Hampshire Continentals garrison the farmhouse on the Linden Heights allowing the colonial leaders to flee.


The British ignore the Continentals cut off and surrounded in the farmhouse, however the assault is thrown into confusion when the Royal East Kent Regiment “the Buffs” is routed by a regiment of Marylander Continentals half their number.


The Buffs fleeing the field.


The heroes of the Linden Heights, their commander Enoch Poor at the height of victory holding the crumbling American line


The Continentals try to stabilize the situation and advance on the left.


In the Center the Hessian regulars advance and force Maryland Continentals to retire.  Meanwhile on the right the light troops of the advance guard shatter the remnants of the American flank.  The Queen’s Rangers advance, and sweep the Continental dragoons from their saddles in a well drilled volley.


The Dragoons and the last of the colonial militia receiving the assault of the British vanguard.  The last desperate moments of Continental Dragoons.

2013-03-30 18.41.15

The American left collapses when the lead battalion of Continentals flees before the advancing British, and the rest of the brigade follows as the Rout becomes general.


The men of New Hampshire are not deterred  despite being surrounded, and repulse multiple bayonet charges on the farmhouse.

2013-03-30 17.48.02

The American center is saved however, the French have arrived.  But the fates are not finished.  Brigadier General Enoch Poor attempts to maintain the colonial center have drawn attention of the section of Amusettes and the Hessian Jagers.  The sharp crack of a half pound amusette round rang out and the stalwart Brigadier fell from his horse only a few feet from where only an hour before he stood in triumph holding the American line in the face of the British onslaught.   (Leader Sniping roll of 100!) .  The American center waivered and then broke.

2013-03-30 18.40.57

The French deployed covering the American retreat (rout!).  The 200 surrounded men of New Hampshire Continentals surrendered and were allowed to leave the farmhouse before it was put to the torch.

The day ended in a defeat for the American cause, but the Colonial leadership managed to hammer out an agreement to raise funds and exchange intelligence guaranteeing the cause of Liberty (and Capitalism!) would live to fight another day.


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  1. Fredrick the great

    Mark, This was great. I love the new look. Keep up the good work!

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